I wrote this song based on the harmonic structure of the Rolling Stones' "Street Fighting Man."

It’s Already Over

Watchin’ the sun rise, the moon still in the sky,
And I stretch to offer up our last goodbye.
I drink down my coffee, and brush my little smile;
The daily things that keep my spirits high.

Hey now, it’s already over;
Hey now, it’s already over;
Hey now, you’re already on your way,

And I’m ready to be okay.

I toss my reluctance deep into the sea,
And I find my way around you leavin’ me.
It’s not for a failin’; it’s not for anything;
It’s just the way you think we need to be.


What’s the use to sit and cry?
You’re gone; the plane you’re leavin’ on is in the sky.
I’ll be okay.


(c) and (p) Patrick Shea 2015