When I got the idea for this song, the first thing I did was search the internet to see if there was such a thing as a '58 Mustang. I got a load of pictures and car listings from the search. And then I wrote and rewrote this song. Then I rewrote it several more times. Two or three dozen people critiqued it in various workshops.

A couple weeks after finishing the demo, I brought it with me to Nashville for feedback from a mentor. He told me that the song is great, the chorus is great, and gave me a few suggestions in the verse. Then he said, "Of course, the big problem here is that Ford didn't release the Mustang 'til 1964-and-a-half."

Of course he was right. Maybe someday I'll fix this one up a bit, and the first fixing I'll do is to change the title to "'68 'Stang."

’58 ‘Stang

I don’t love her as an antique;
Ain’t no old fashioned guy.
I love her ‘cause she got speed;
I’m on the road livin’ high.
Whenever I’m sittin’ somewhere I don’t like the jokes,
She’ll take me to buy some whiskey and a pack of smokes. (Whoa-o-o-o)

Got a ’58 ‘stang!
And a modern-day twang!
Drivin’ highways I dreamt as a child;
Don’t you know, man, I’m drivin’ ‘em wild!
Got a ’58 ‘stang!
Got a ’58 ‘stang!

Don’t wake up in the mornin’;
I never rested my head.
Tonight the road is empty;
Born drive ‘til I’m dead.
My daddy, he left me early, but he left me free,
And so I’m makin’ a future out of history. (Whoa-o-o-o)


(Whoa-o-o) Rev it up, rev it up!
(Whoa-o-o) Rev it up, rev it up!
(Whoa-o-o) Rev it up, rev it up!
Rev it high with a hillbilly cry!


(c) and (p) Patrick Shea 2015